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Since OWASP is developer-centric, but not developer-only, should we also noodle how to create a message to the CIO and CISO communities on why they should send developers as well?

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Jim and Connections Committee,

A couple of areas AppSec USA is requesting help on:

AppSec USA is looking at purchasing some targeted email campaigns to drive attendance to AppSec USA.  We need the connections committe's help in crafting a message to developers around OWASP and OWASP AppSec's.

We're looking at a series of 4 targeted emails to Software Mag mailing list. We'd like the committee's expertise and help in writting these emails and the graphics associated with them.
 From a developer perspective:

 *   Why attend AppSec USA
 *   What is important to them about OWASP
 *   Who should attend
 *   How to justify attendance
 *   Other thoughts?
As an example from Tom: "secure code is on the radar of employers as a developer you want to attend AppSec to gain a competing edge in your career."
AppSec USA is getting ready to start announcing speakers for this year's conference and need your help in getting the word out through OWASP marketing: tweets, blog, press releases, etc.

Any thoughts you have on marketing AppSec USA.


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