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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Thu May 13 19:05:39 EDT 2010

Hi OWASP Leaders (CCing OWASP Global Education Committee, OWASP Connections
Committee and Mike Boberski (who is trying to figure out the best way to
implement the OWASP Commercial

Question for you.

Given the following scenario:

*Company XYZ is delivering commercially (i.e. paid for)  OWASP related
courses, such as for example: "OWASP Top 10", "Using OWASP WebGoat",
"Performing security assessments using the OWASP Testing Guide" , "How to
use OpenSAMM in your organization", "OWASP ESAPI" , "OWASP ASVS", etc...

* - these courses are independently delivered at "NON
OWASP organized" events (for example a developer's Conference or bespoke
training sessions)*
* - attendees have to pay to attend (i.e. these are NOT FREE or 'OWASP only'
events like the one we organized and delivered at the OWASP London
month)  *
* - there is no mandatory direct financial return for OWASP (any payments
back to OWASP (if any at all) would have to be made at the discretion of
the organizing party)*
*Given that a large part of the potential (paying) audience for these
courses is part of the existing  OWASP community, namely the OWASP Mailing
lists and WIKI viewers, the organizing party would be
very interested to advertise to target OWASP project the course details
(curriculum, trainer, delivery date, price, location, etc...)*
*Since this is a new area for OWASP, we have to make sure we handle this in
a way that is accepted/respected by our leaders and community.*
*So my question to you is:

What would anacceptable behaviour for the individuals or
companies organizing (and profiting) with these courses? (see
Variation+Options below)*

*Variation A: the course is delivered by the Project's Leader as an
INDEPENDENT Trainer (this could also be a respected member of the OWASP
Community who: is an active/past contributor; is respected by its peers; and
is known to be very knowledgeable on the course's topic))*
*Should he/she be able to: *
*   Option 1: Buy advertisement space on www.owasp.org (i.e. the banner that
shows up at the top of the home page and the local chapters)*
*   Option 2: Send an email with the course's details to the respective
OWASP mailing list (i.e. Top-10, WebGoat, Testing Guide, openSamm, ESAPI,
ASVS). Assume that this is done with 'good taste' (i.e no  'snake oil' or
super-sales pitch)*
*   Option 3: Include a mention to it at the next OWASP Newsletter*
*   Option 4: Put a direct link to it from the respective OWASP Project
(maybe on a section dedicated to these type of events)*
*   Option 5: Put a direct link from a Training page on the OWASP Commercial
Services <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Commercial_Services> section of the
OWASP website*
*Variation B: the course is delivered by the Project's Leader as a hired
employee/contractor for a 3rd party company*
*(same 5 Options from Variation A)*
*Variation C: the course is delivered by an existing OWASP Corporate Member
or Education Supporter<http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership#Current_OWASP_Organization_Supporters_.26_Individual_Members>
 (Company, University, etc..)*
*(same 5 Options from Variation A)*
*Variation D: the course is delivered by an a Governmental Organization that
is involved with OWASP (for example the Brazilian Government who sponsored
last year's OWASP Conference in Brazil)*
*(same 5 Options from Variation A)*

Variation D: the course is delivered by an a Governmental Organization that
is NOT part of the OWASP Community

(same 5 Options from Variation A)

Variation E: the course is delivered by an a Industry Body
that is NOT part of the OWASP Community (for example lets say that the PCI
Council decided to sell (and profit) from the delivery of OWASP Top 10

(same 5 Options from Variation A)

Variation F: the course is delivered by a company/individual that is NOT
part of the OWASP Community (i.e. not a member, trainer is not an OWASP
Leader, nobody has really heard of them before)

(same 5 Options from Variation A)


Taking into account that we want as many people to be exposed to OWASP
materials and that there should be a direct relationship between the success
of these courses and the market penetration of the affected OWASP Projects
.....  from your point of view, which Variation+Options listed above:

   i) are compatible with OWASP's values/independence and SHOULD be allowed
(but monitored to prevent abuses)
   ii) are NOT compatible with OWASP's values and SHOULD NOT be allowed
  iii) should only be allowed with 'somebody' (GEC, OWASP Board, Project
leader) permission / validation
  iv) should be allowed, BUT with the information located at a very specific
locations (for example what happens with the the OWASP Job
Board<http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Jobs>or the OWASP
Commercial Services <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Commercial_Services>)

Looking forward to hearing your answers and points of view

Dinis Cruz
OWASP Board Member
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