[OCC] Global Connections Committee goals for OWASP presentations - 1st draft

Lorna Alamri lorna.alamri at owasp.org
Fri Feb 12 17:09:25 EST 2010

Hi all, I apologize that I've been slow to get things done lately. Job
hunting takes an incredible amount of time and energy, so I haven't had as
much time to dedicate to getting things done for OWASP.
I've put together and e-mail to go out to the leaders list from the GCC,
please read it over and send it back with any comments. I'm working on
getting over my fear of the wiki and plan to update the news pages. I am so
much more comfortable with Drupal.


The Global Connections Committee would like to share our goals with you
around OWASP presentations at non-OWASP sponsored events. OWASP as an
organization needs to get out in front of a larger audience and the only way
to do that is to get out in front of a lot of people who have not been to an
OWASP event - maybe even not have heard about OWASP previously.

*Our goal for 2010 for OWASP presentations is to facilitate:*

   - 20 OWASP presentations to non OWASP groups.
   - 10 OWASP presentations to student /university groups
   - 10 OWASP presentations to companies with large internal development


   - To make connections utilizing the foundation laid by the other Global
   Committees within the development, university and organizational
   - To publish success stories from chapters where they have proactively
   lined up OWASP speakers not only for their OWASP chapter but had that
   speaker present to a developer group, university or large company about
   OWASP topics.

Leaders- GCC needs your help.*

 As chapter leaders we'd like you to think about ways that you can get the
OWASP story out to a wider audience.

   - What are the active developer groups in your area? Ask to do an
   overview presentation to them.
   - What are the University's with Information Technology degrees in your
   area? Get to know the professors and offer to come in and do a presentation
   to a class.
   - Who are the companies with large development teams?  Offer to give an
   overview of application security trends to their developers.

*Support - GCC is here for you. *

We'll build the tools you need to implement the GCC strategy, whether that's
PowerPoint presentations, meeting announcements, fliers. Let us know what
you need to be successful.

Global Connections Committee

Lorna Alamri

OWASP Connections
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skype: lorna.alamri
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