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Robert Hansen robert at sectheory.com
Fri Feb 12 17:08:30 EST 2010

	Okay, here is a potential for us to do something in Austin at ConSec (it's an ISSA event).  For $1000 we can have an entire track just for OWASP.  We can either draw on local speakers, or fly some in or both.  Thoughts?

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Sometime in June if I remember right.  I sent another e-mail asking William for the exact dates. 


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What are the dates for ConSec?

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On Fri, 2010-02-12 at 09:24 -0600, Josh Sokol wrote:
> Robert & Matt, 
> I know I talked to you both last night about the Consec offer to host
> an OWASP Application Security track.  The details that William sent me
> are below.  I'll respond back asking about the dollar amount and
> telling him we are considering it and I should have an answer for him
> soon.  Please discuss with your respective OWASP Foundation people
> (board/connections committee) and let me know what the general
> consensus is.  Thanks! 
> Sincerely,
> Josh Sokol (CCNA, GWAS)
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> OWASP's committing to active
> support of ConSec'10
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> Josh, 
>   I am following up on the discussion about ConSec’10 that took place
> at one of our ISSA Board meetings.  Regarding, OWASP committing to
> being one of the ConSec’10 Co-Hosts and committing $$ and people help
> to the event.  Equally, if not more important, is committing people to
> actively be involved with conference planning and coordination
> activities – getting speakers, getting  vendor exhibitors & vendor
> sponsors for various activities during the conference (reception,
> breaks, continental breakfast, lunch, etc.), helping in advertising,
> helping in marketing, putting together proceedings handouts, helping
> at registration, etc., etc… 
>   I have begun finalizing some of the General Session speakers [see
> below]. Also, Stephen Wolff and I have informally discussed the format
> of breakout tracks -  one of which we want to fully dedicate to OWASP
> for OWASP-specific topics. You may recall that there will only be
> three breakout sessions. Will OWASP want to be responsible for one of
> the 1-day workshops: topic, content, speaker(s)? 
>    In the next couple of weeks, we are having our next committee
> meeting for ConSec’10; we will be continuing the early planning
> meetings, i.e., the formal Steering Committee for ConSec’10. 
>   Will OWASP have active involvement in these planning activities? 
>  If you want to get an idea of currently confirmed speakers you can
> ‘Google’ –“information security” “William H. Murray” Ira Winkler” “Tom
> Peltier” “John Blackley” (for John, you might use the terms Risk
> management; he was the risk manager at Dell and recently at Disney. 
> Oh yeah, weren’t you gonna help us by suggesting the ‘theme’ for this
> year’s ConSec?  [wink wink nudge nudge] 
> Regards,
> William Tompkins
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