[OCC] Ideas for working with commercial conferences

Justin Clarke justin.clarke at owasp.org
Tue Feb 9 16:28:12 EST 2010

Back on the conversation of working with commercial conferences, here are my ideas:-

OWASP does not sponsor or endorse any commercial conferences. Therefore, no language such as "supported/endorsed/sponsored by" is expected to be used. "In association with OWASP" may be a possibility if there is significant involvement/cobranding with a particular conference?

OWASP Chapter leaders for relevant geographies would be encouraged to post notifications of upcoming conferences/call for papers to their mailing lists. In return, the conference would offer discounts for OWASP members
Local/regional OWASP chapter leaders would be provided with conference flyers/information to hand out at chapter meetings at their discretion
Do we want to have the conferences provide us a list afterwards of who signed up as an OWASP member and cross reference? While I don't think we should hassle people if they aren't members, I certainly think a gentle nudge ("you got $100 off for signing up as an OWASP member, how about you join?") is not out of order
If we want to co-brand a conference, this would be decided at the global committee/board level. The conference would be required to put the OWASP logo on communications sent out, give us a page on the conference website, and in return we would put a mention somewhere on the main OWASP site and a link to the conference (I don't see this happening that often)

At the Event
OWASP would be listed in conference collateral handed out, and the OWASP logo displayed on any screens etc that are present
OWASP would have a small exhibition area/booth to be staffed by local OWASP volunteers and/or a speaking slot

What the conference gets:
Cross promotion within the OWASP community, at the discretion of the local chapter leaders who will have final say about whether this information goes to their mailing lists or whether literature is handed out at a meeting
Promotion on the main OWASP site

How does that sound to everyone?

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