[OCC] OWASP Top Ten List Question

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
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I'm targeting end of Feb, but wouldn't be surprised if it slipped past that.
I'm simply crushed at work.




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What is the scheduled release and announcement for the new Top 10?  


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Subject: OWASP Top Ten List Question
Importance: High


Hi Kate,


I work with Rapid7, a security vendor that Josh Abraham works with - and I
know he has some involvement in OWASP.  We are working with Josh to answer
some media questions about the OWASP Top 10 list that is going to be
announced soon, and I was wondering if you had any additional information on
when we can expect this.  From what I have seen, it was initially expected
in January, but as that didn't happen I was hoping you could give me an idea
of what the updated timeline is.


Obviously this list will be of great importance to a lot of people and the
security industry is very excited to see it.  Any help you could give me
would be much appreciated.






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