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Mon Aug 30 06:23:29 EDT 2010

Hi, please, see below an email I just sent Chris Hofmann (first Mozilla
employee https://wiki.mozilla.org/Marketing_Workspace#Chris_Hofmann ) and
Michael Coates (who is also going to read this one :)  )

Given the amount of talent that is going to be next week at the OWASP AppSec
USA (for more names see http://www.appsecusa.org/) I really think that we
should make an effort to connect them and have a bunch of productive work

*This is also a great oportunity to 'recruit' to OWASP a number of high
profile players by exposing them to our community, passion and projects.
Although some of this always happens at our conferences, I think the time as
come for us to be much more strategic and focused on these efforts (*for
example who should Chenxi Wang, Bill Cheswick , Wily Hacke, David Rice, H.D.
Moore, ... , XYZ  meet while at the conference?*)

Now, the conference guys (Tin, Cassio, Richard, Neil) are already completely
focused on making the event a success (which is inself a HUGE amount of
work), so we can't put any of these tasks and ideas on them :)

That means that the place to be is the
is currently made of Lorna Alamri , Robert Hansen, Justin Clarke , Jim
Manico and Martin Knobloch , BUT NEEDS YOUR HELP. So if you want to be
involved (or can help with the Irvine event) please join the
mailing list<https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-connections-committee>today
and join the team


Dinis Cruz

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Hi Chris and Michael (from Mozilla Foundation)

Moving forward on this thread, the time has come to see if we can get some
'official' time while we are all there to discuss the best way to work

We have started to map out the OWASP leaders that are going to be there (see
and I would like to see if we can perform a similar action for the
participants from Mozilla (I can see from the scheadule that at least
Michael Coates is going to be

The minimum we should aim to is to have a meeting together, but since there
is going to be quite a lot of Application Security (and maybe even other
browsers) mind-share in one location, I think we could take this oportunity
to really get some work done.

I've CCed the OWASP Connections Committee which is helping to cordinate
these 'community/connections' events, and the owasp Board (in a preemptive
strike in the case we need some budget to make this happen (for example to
rent a meeting room or to buy beers :)  )

Let me know how we can help

Dinis Cruz

On 5 August 2010 00:39, chris hofmann <chofmann at meer.net> wrote:

> Hi Dinis,
> It was good meeting you a few weeks ago in Amsterdam.
> When we met and talked a bit a Hack-In-The-Box Amsterdam we explored the
> possibility of trying to connect web developers that are a part of OWASP
> with the Mozilla Community for the benefit of both groups.   Web developers
> getting having more input into the developement of the browser, and Mozilla
> getting more help in setting priorities on features and the real needs of
> web developers.
> As part of that we thought that Bird-Of-A-Feather sessions and maybe
> something at App Sec 2010 in LA might be a place to kick this off.
> Do you think something is still possible?   We will have at least two
> people attending and I've cc'ed them on this mail.   Michael Coates, who is
> going a talk,  and Sid Stamm, who would like to do a talk on CSP if a 4th
> track or some other opportunity opens up.
> Thanks
> -Chris Hofmann
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