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I’m OK with the idea. I’d suggest that we have the back cover dedicated to
the organization who paid for the printing. Something like, this copy of the
OWASP Top 10 brought to you buy 
  However, the Top 10 is pretty cheap to
print so it would be nice if the org provided some funding and we paid for
some OWASP Top 10s, and some of the money also went into the general OWASP
fund. My 2 cents anyway. It’s a bit different for the bigger more expensive
books like the Guides.




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Dave (& others), what do you think of the idea of making custom covers (or
maybe adding an extra page) that makes mention that Company XYZ bought 50 or
100 or 200 copies of the the Top 10?


This is something we have already talked about on the OCC (Connections
Committee) and I think the Membership Committee was also thinking about
distributing a large number of copies of the new version. 

Dinis Cruz

On 27 April 2010 15:21, Biagiotti Massimo <Massimo.Biagiotti at business-e.it>

Hi Dinis,

             the idea of the Owasp Top Ten books with our brand logo in it
is very interesting :)

We thought that a good period for the meeting would be between the end of
May and the first week of June. It would be possible to receive, here in
Italy, some of those books for that period and in case how much would each
one cost?





Kate if you have few more owasp gadgets to show me I'll be glad to evaluate
them :)

Thank you too


Massimo Biagiotti

Client Manager
Business-e S.p.A. (an Itway Group Company)

Via Valentino Mazzola, 66 - 00142 Roma
Tel. +39 335 1369895

Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey
Ravenna, Milano, Bergamo, Vicenza, Massa, Roma
Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, Athina, Istanbul, Ankara


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Hi Massimo


That is a cool idea, Kate (CCed) can give you a couple more options (since
she does the purchases for our Conferences) and there are some good items in


Also, what about giving your clients a couple OWASP Books? The new Top 10
should be available soon at Lulu.com and that would be a very meaningful
gift. If you want to buy a bunch of them, we (OWASP) could try to figure out
a way to include your brand in those books.


When is the meeting?

Dinis Cruz


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