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Having attended yesterday's OWASP Training Day, I am completely bowled over
by OWASP's altruism and would like to volunteer my services to further
OWASP's aims and objectives.

Although I was a UNIX Systems administrator in another life, it's been
awhile since I was hands-on. Most recently, I've developed a national
security strategy for the Ethiopian government and before that I worked on
the UN's ISO 27001 certification program. In between I've worked with PCI
DSS (which is when I first became aware of OWASP and joined the mailing
list), conducted risk assessments using ISO 27005 & SPRINT and developed
policies, procedures and standards in accordance with industry best
practices like ISO 27002 and the ISF's Standard of Good Practice for
Information Security.

I look forward to working with OWASP in any capacity.



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