[Owasp-common-numbering] Project Status?

Richard Quinn richard.quinn at owasp.org
Thu Oct 16 09:54:21 UTC 2014

Hi All,

It appears that this project is inactive, am I wrong?

That would be a shame. Why did it become inactive?

There is a definite need to unify the numbering of security controls
(referred to as requirements in the OCR project) and to map these to
vulnerabilities (such as those enumerated the top 10), verification
activities (as enumerated in ASVS), mitigation strategies (as enumerated in
the cheat sheets) and to external references such as CWE, SafeCode and WASC.

There is also a definite need to revive the Data Exchange Format program,
and integrate OCR and DEF.

In short, I would like to help.

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