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> Connector	March 2019
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> Letter from the Chairman:
> Dear OWASP Community,
> OWASP, recently, has been working on maturing the Foundation into a more professional organization. We know, that a delay in any process is frustrating, for example, the temporary halt on accepting (re-) starting chapters.  This was necessary in order to create a baseline of functioning chapters, removing those that have not been active, creating an opportunity for new chapters to be stood up. This chapter review process has been a huge and unthankful, but necessary task. This process is now complete so requests to (re-) start chapters are up and running again. We are happy to share that this month we have already 24 new chapters registered!
> Another big change is the retirement of mailman and migration to Google Groups. Retrospectively, the communication and transparency of the decision-making process could have been better, we are aware of that and would like to apologize for that. Nevertheless,  we would like to thank the community for the constructive feedback we received. This will eventually lead to the improvement of the Foundations process.
> In relation to community participation, I would like to again, emphasize the necessity of community engagement at a global level. For this, we have reviewed and improved the committee policies and hope for volunteers to participate. 
> This month, several successful local events have taken place, namely, the Lascon, SnowFroc and OWASP SeaSide events, where more than 300 attendees received free training over 3 days. We would like to thank all the volunteers involved in making this happen!
> Last, not least, don't forget to register or submit your paper for the upcoming Global AppSec-TLV.
> More news and improvements are coming OWASPs way, stay tuned ;)
> Kind regards,
> Martin Knobloch
> Chairman of the Board
> Many of us in the northern hemisphere are eager for a change of seasons and I’m convinced 2019 will be a great year of positive changes for OWASP.
> Global AppSec Tel Aviv
> In May we are adding a Global Conference to the EMEA region with Global AppSec Tel Aviv. This event will be one of only three global conferences for OWASP in 2019. The local team has been hard at work on the agenda and speakers for the event. Please visit https://telaviv.appsecglobal.org/ to learn more about the conference and we’re excited to see everyone for a great event.
> Staff Projects
> As we kick off projects outlined in our 2019 Operating Plan, staff wanted a way to be fully transparent about our projects and progress. Feel free to visit https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Staff-Projects for more details. These are working documents so they are updated throughout the project lifecycle. Lastly, I do want to mention, the list provided is not the complete work product of staff; only those projects that incur significant focused time or resources to compete. 
> OWASP.com 
> Email Domain. Another side, yet visible project, has been to harmonize credentials and more clearly identify staff and members of the community. Over the past few weeks, we have migrated all staff to an owasp.com email domain. The email address convention remains firstname.lastname at owasp.com and our old addresses will continue work for the time being by forwarding mail to our new accounts. Historically it has been more complicated than necessary to detangle staff and members - especially when auditing credential management and this change should make that task more thorough and less prone to errors.
> Thank you, Matt. 
> And finally, please join me in thanking Matt Tesauro for his many years of service as both a volunteer and member of the OWASP Staff. In his staff role, Matt will be leaving OWASP at the end of the month. He assures me he will continue to be involved with our mission but just not working directly at the Foundation. Thanks, Matt.
> Registration is open
> Sponsorships are available
> Save the Date for 2 more Global AppSec Conferences
> Global AppSec DC Sept 9-13, 2019
> Global AppSec Amsterdam Sept 23-27, 2019 
> You may also be interested in one of our other affiliated events:
> Event	Date	Location
> Latam Tour 2019	Starting April 4, 2019	Latin America
> OWASP Portland Training Day	September 25, 2019	Portland, OR
> LASCON X	October 24-25,2019	Austin, TX
> OWASP AppSec Day 2019	Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2019	Melbourne, Australia
> Event	Date	Location
> Blackhat Asia 2019	March 26-29, 2019	Singapore
> Cyber Security for Critical Assets USA 2019	March 26-27, 2019	Houston, TX
> QuBit Conference Prague	April 10-11, 2019	Prague
> Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Global	April 25-26, 2019	London
> IoT Tech Expo Global	April 25-26, 2019	London
> Internet of Things World	May 13-16, 2019	Santa Clara Conventional Center, CA
> Hack in Paris 2019	June 16-20, 2019	Paris
> Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Europe	June 19-20, 2019	Amsterdam
> IoT Tech Expo Europe	June 19-20, 2019	Amsterdam
> Google Summer of Code 2019:
> OWASP was accepted to be a mentor organization for 2019.  
> Mentors for the projects have been sent invitations and students may start applying on March 25th.
> Google Season of Docs 2019:
> OWASP has applied to participate in the first Google Season of Docs.  If you would like to participate, please provide your project ideas on the wiki at Google Season of Docs 2019 page.
> Global AppSec Tel Aviv 2019 Project Showcase:
> We are off to a great start with 10 projects currently taking part in the showcase.
> Project	Leader(s)
> Glue Tool	Omer Levi Hevroni
> IoT	Aaron Guzman
> Embedded AppSec	Aaron Guzman
> Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM)	John DiLeo
> API Security	Erez Yalon, Inon Shkedy
> Mod Security Core Rule Set	Christian Folini, Tin Zaw
> Automated Threats	Tin Zaw
> Application Security Curriculum Project	John DiLeo
> Defect Dojo	Aaron Weaver
> Web Honeypot Project	Adrian Winckles
> The showcase schedule is still being developed.
> If you are interested in having your project participate, please send an email to project-showcase at owasp.org with the name of your project and the names of the presenter(s). Project leaders presenting at the showcase will be provided free admission to the conference.
> 24 New OWASP Chapter
> Ahmedabad, Gujarat
> Albuquerque, New Mexico
> Amman, Jordan
> Barranquilla, Colombia
> Bikaner, India
> Bilbao, Spain
> Cape Coast, Ghana
> Chattanooga, Tennessee
> Detroit, Michigan
> Doha, Qatar
> Houston, Texas
> Kuwait City, Kuwait
> Port Louis, Mauritius
> Pune, India
> San Juan, Puerto Rico
> Sofia, Bulgaria
> Space Coast, Florida
> Sydney, Australia
> Tbilisi, Georgia
> Tripoli, Lebanon
> Vellore, India
> Vienna, Austria
> Worcestershire, United Kingdom
> Zhytomyr, Ukraine
> We are now accepting new submissions for the followings regions:
> Canada
> Caribbean
> Latin America
> Student Chapters
> Please submit your request at OWASP Chapter Request Form
> We welcome the following Contributor Corporate Members
> Premier Corporate Members
> Contributor Corporate Members
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