[OWASP-CODESEEKER]Created codeseeker module in CVS

Gabriel Lawrence gabe at ucsd.edu
Tue Dec 31 01:31:08 EST 2002

I just updated the licenses in the source files and uploaded them all to
CVS in a codeseeker module. The module holds a codeseeker directory that
has all the codeseeker sources and a tools directory that has the tools
necessary to build the java code. Its not 100% and I think the build
file is a little messed up right now...

I still need to modify some things to take the runtime end user license
checking out and then I will do our first owasp build. I wont get to it
tonight, but should have it done by the end of the week. In addition I
will send out some information on how to build it and how to install/run

But the code is there for the brave to begin poking around in!


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