[Owasp-codereview] Looking for OWASP members to have free web meetings with and work on source code assessments and web penetration testing

Matt Parsons mparsons1980 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 15:44:12 EST 2010

Secure Coding List and group,
I am thinking about hosting FREE web penetration and source code review web
seminars sharing tricks of the trade and giving real life examples of web
penetration testing and source code review findings.   I am not doing this
to profit.  I am just looking for like minds to share ideas with and spend a
couple hours a month on a webinar.   One of the first topics  I would like
to go over is Dinis Cruz's 02.   I wrote about it in my blog today.
Please reply to me off list to mparsons1980 at gmail.com if you are interested.
I am trying to figure out the level of interest so I can purchase enough
phone lines for bridges and bandwidth to hold the live and recorded
webinars.  I will not spam your e-mail or share it with any other entity.
I am looking to advance the field of software security and secure the
Internet one application at a time.

Matt Parsons, CISSP, MSM


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