[Owasp-codereview] Cobol code review

domenico di leo dileo.job at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 18:05:25 EST 2009

I'd like to add a stub about a code review for the COBOL language .
Before doing it, I want to know if it's worth writing a code review for the
language. Indeed, it's an old language, out of usage for the current
application and
it may seem to be out of blue talking about this language.
Nevertheless, we were asked to do a code review for the COBOL language: our
has developed thousands of line of code in COBOL, it still owns some old
applications and it has no intention to switch to a newer technology.
Maybe other people deal with the COBOL language and are interested in
mitigate potentially vulnerabilities
due to bad programming. For this reason we were wondering if it's noteworthy
to share
our experience with the OWASP community members.
Any suggest is appreciate
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