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I think have a factor on effort addresses what clients want in the metrics
of penetration testing reports besides risk severity prioritization (based
on my previous experience in consulting with Foundstone/McAfee)


Also, please do not forget that these effort formulas are purely empirical
and as such not absolute and accurate. On the other hand we all know that a
declarative change is more effort intensive then a coding change and that a
design change is more effort intensive than all above.  This is not rocket
since (even I would hope to) but common sense.


If we need more in depth rationalization on software security metrics I can
provide a paper but I think this beyond the context on what we are looking




Marco M.



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Hi I do agree there are external factors but we cant take into account all
possible variations.

I thing some simple formula for effort of work / winfactor would be really
useful and adopted by consltancy.


Let me know what you think.


On 30/05/2008, Paolo Perego <thesp0nge at gmail.com> wrote: 

2008/5/29 Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org>:
> Severity  * Effort required to fix  = Win Factor (Easy win to fix)
>  -> This maps to a grid severity Vs Effort (like a risk matrix) shaded
> should be addressed.

Eoin, don't you thinks that "Effort required to fix" it depends to non
predictable external factors such as (how many people the development
team is comprised from? how much skills the developers have?)? It will
be difficult (IMHO) to formalize a score for "fixing effort" in order
to use for our Win Factor score.

What's your opinion about this?

On about Taxonomy or Vulnerability categories, I started writing
something on paper yesterday and I hope in this weekend to populate
some part of the wikipage so Marco, I'll gave the link and than we can
start a thread in mailing list talking about this topic.

Ciao ciao
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