[Owasp-codereview] [Owasp-ireland] Potential of 4.2 million credit card details stolenvia cyber attack.

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Sorry I forgot to say in my last mail.
Who is to blame?  Well while everyone points the fingers at
Hannafords, the PCI assessors and VISA/Mastercard themselves - I
suggest we look at the criminals who conducted the breach.  After all
if someone breaks into my house, is that my fault? my alarm company's
fault? or that of the lock manufacturers? or is it the criminal who
committed the burglary?
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Maybe a bit slow on this one but I'd thought I'd share it
A PCI compliant company was compromised and an estimate of 4.2
million cc numbers were obtained.
The issue arises that the company were PCI compliant and now the
blame game has ensued. The PCI assessors are being blamed, there is
mention of ambiguity regarding the PCI standard, where to apply some
of the technical controls etc..

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