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Its been a bit queit on the code review front for the past month or so,
sorry about this.
The current status of the guide is as follows (below).
If you are activley working on the sections you have chosen can you drop me
a line or update the wiki so we know what the status is?



   1. Code Review Introduction
   2. Steps and Roles
   3. Code Review Processes
   4. Transaction Analysis - E Keary

Design review

   1. Designing for security
      1. - M Roxberry(.NET)
      2. - Paolo Perego (Java)
      3. - Andrew van der Stock (PHP)
      4. - Paolo Perego (C)
      5. - C++
      6. - Andrew van der Stock (MySQL)
      7. - Mallory (AJAX)

Examples by Vulnerability

   1. Reviewing Code for Buffer Overruns and Overflows - 70%
   2. Reviewing Code for OS Injection - 70%
   3. Reviewing Code for SQL Injection - 70%
   4. Reviewing Code for Data Validation - Jenelle Chapman / E Keary
   5. Reviewing code for XSS issues - 70%
   6. Reviewing Code for Error Handling - Jenelle Chapman
   7. Reviewing Code for Logging Issues - 70%
   8. Reviewing The Secure Code Environment - E Keary
   9. Authorization (Currently linked to "The Development Guide")
   10. Authentication (Code review)
   11. Session Integrity
   12. Cross Site Request Forgery
   13. Cryptography (Currently linked to "The Development Guide")
   14. Dangerous HTTP Methods ( Secure deployment)
   15. Race Conditions

Language specific best practice Java

   1. Java overview J Manico
   2. Java applet code review J Manico
   3. Java server (J2EE) code review J Manico


Assigned to Andrew van der Stock

Assigned to Andrew van der Stock
Stored Procs RUBY C/C++

   1. Memory management (Paolo Perego)
   2. String management (Paolo Perego)
   3. Secure access to file system items (Paolo Perego)

Automating Code Reviews

   1. Preface
   2. Reasons for using automated tools
   3. Education and cultural change
   4. Tool Deployment Model
   5. Code Auditor Workbench Tool (100%)


Eoin Keary OWASP - Ireland
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