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Dear Hacking-Lab User,

first of all: if you received this e-mail twice, please pardon.
We had a small interruption in the Hacking-Lab e- mail service.

A couple of Hacking-Lab news, just before XMAS:

 * HACKvent
 * LiveCD 9
 * Awards for HACKvent and HackyEaster
 * Maintenance notifications

HACKvent update
HACKvent is in full swing! More than 1'000 users have registered
already, providing more than 3'000 solutions! The challenge is
open until the end of the year. In case you haven't checked it
out yet, sign up and spice up your time waiting for Santa Claus:

 * http://hackvent.hacking-lab.com/

New LiveCD
The new LiveCD, version 9.0.2, is live! Get it from:

 * http://media.hacking-lab.com/

Feedback welcome! Do you have ideas for improvement, are you
missing a tool, or do you simply want to say how much you like
the new version? Then drop an e-mail to support at hacking-lab.com!

Awards for HACKvent and HackyEaster
We have added award "medals" for HACKvent and HackyEaster.
If you scored enough points, you'll see golden, silver or
bronze easter eggs or xmas balls, on your user profile page.
Full points are rewarded with a gold medal. Silver and bronze
require approximately 90% and 80% respectively. Example:

 * https://www.hacking-lab.com/user/profile/DanMcFly/

Maintenance notifications
We've added the possibility to add maintenance information
messages to the Hacking-Lab home page. We'll use this feature
to announce maintenance work. 

All the best,

ps at hacking-lab.com

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