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This came from someone in the OWASP Global Office and I wanted to pass it along. There is an opportunity for Python developers to help out someone doing research and earn a little money in return. They are offering a $50 Amazon gift card to those who will complete the survey and a short questionnaire.

Details below if you are interested.

Andy Willingham
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> Leaders,
> I am forwarding this message from a colleague who is doing research on python developers for those who may be interested in participating.
> Thanks,
> Laura
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> Recruiting Python Developers for User Study
>                    Hello All,
>                    My lab at the University of Florida/FICS is recruiting Python developers for a research study on developer's perceptions while programming. Please help us advance Science!
>                    Compensation in US dollars (Amazon gift card): $50 for professionals working with software development and testing (employed) and $20 for senior undergrads and graduate students from Universities.
>                    English fluency is required.
>                    Tasks:
>                    1) Complete a multiple-choice survey about programming.
>                    2) Complete a short questionnaire on personality and cognition.
>                    For more information and to enroll please contact: psy-ebnerlab at psych.ufl.edu
>                    This study has been funded by the National Science Foundation and is approved by the University of Florida Institutional Review Board (IRB).
>                    Please share our ad and/or tag someone you know will be interested! Thanks :)
> Daniela Seabra Oliveira
> Associate Professor at University of Florida
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