[Owasp-cincinnati] Thanks for your participation to the last meeting, heads up on RSVPs without showing up, do not do it please

Marco M. Morana marco.m.morana at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 21:34:21 EST 2011



Thanks for your attendance to the last meeting. I thought the presentation
was very well received and raised a lot of good discussion and insightful
questions. Nevertheless, the attendance to the meeting is not near how
should have been. I had 34 people RSVP and less than half showed up, for the
rest I am thankful to Citi's colleague of mine that show up 5 of them. This
is not really good also for the vendor that sponsored the event and did pay
for catering for the original list. Moving forward, please only RSVP if you
are attending, if you do not please send an email that you won't so this
will help me and the sponsor.


That being said, I am looking forward to your participation again. I would
also like to thank you all the people that are keenly interested on OWASP by
showing up every meeting and the ones that pledged membership to the chapter


With best regards 


Marco Morana


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