[Owasp-cincinnati] Good news for our local OWASP chapter

Marco M. Morana marco.m.morana at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 18:41:32 EST 2011

Dear OWASP members


I have good news.  We have a full calendar of events for February to March.
Please mark your calendar  


February 22nd , noon to 1.30 @ Citi we will have Dr James Walden professor
of NKU covering for us Cloud computing security. He gracefully accepted to
give us the talk before he leaves for a 1 yr  sabbatical in Europe. James
has been strong advocate of OWASP here in Cincinnati so I would like to take
James for lunch after the presentation and thank him for his support, please
feel free to join. If funds are available I will also sponsor pizza but I
cannot guarantee.


Then, we have two major company sponsored events in March. Please RSVP the
March 1st  event with Jack Barnaby presentation on ATM jackpotting. For the
one of you that attended Black Hat last year  probably know already, this is
greatest hack ever and Barnaby is world class researcher on ATM security.
The story goes that he started hacking ATMs on his bedroom, he later found
out that vulnerabilities were so prevalent that had to contact ATM
manufactures to fix major security vulnerabilities. Responsibly, he worked
with ATM brands to get these flows fixed before releasing his research.
Nevertheless, Barnaby authored a tool that can be used to hack ATM remotely
(that he won't make available) and he will feature that during the meeting.


Thanks to Michael Shipps of IOActive a Cincinnatian, we will have IOActive
sponsor a nice catering for the event, and in OWASP tradition will be open
to everybody. Since we are giving this wide coverage, make sure to RSVP ASAP
because seats will go away soon.


The meeting will take place 6.30-7.45 PM March 1 at METS center

Then March 9th, we have Appsec guru maximo Jeremiah Grossman CTO of WhiteHat
security giving a presentation on Top Website Vulnerabilities: Trends,
Business Effects and How to Fight Them. Whitehat security will also sponsor
the event that will held at Citi, noon to 1.30 PM. This is a study involving
"a statistical picture from over five years of continuous vulnerability
assessment results taken from over 3,000 websites across 400 organizations"

This is practically a must attend for ISO that manage application security
vulnerabilities processes. This event will also be free and open. Whitehat
will also sponsor catering for the event.

RSVP for February 22nd, March 1st and March 9th is open at

Again, this would be the right time for you to pledge a 50 bucks OWASP
membership to the chapter and to OWASP and a little token to return in
change of all these free world-class speakers that usually charge a premium
to get attended at conferences like BlacHat (for the one of you that pay $
1,800 for 3 days of conference you know what I am talking about).

I also would like to thank for your participation to my talk last month
meetings and for your attendance in great numbers, hope was not just for
pizza J For the one of you that could not attend, my presentation can be
downloaded from the OWASP page.

Thanks for attention all best, looking forward to your participation to the
OWASP chapter an build a stronger security community in the greater
Cincinnati area.

Marco M 

OWASP Cincinnati Chapter Lead

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