[Owasp-cincinnati] OWASP Cincinnati 2012 Meetings

Andy Willingham andy.willingham at owasp.org
Fri Dec 16 04:43:23 UTC 2011

I hope this finds all of you doing well and enjoying your holiday season. As
we are planning for 2012 we wanted to get your input on topics that you
would like to hear talks on.  We already have January and February scheduled
with talks on Cloud Security and Mobil Security respectively. What other
topics interest you? Remember, even though OWASP is by nature a technical
organization focused on web security that does not mean that we can't have
talks that are not technical and are focused on other disciplines within


Also we are looking for speakers and sponsors for meetings. If you are
interested in speaking and/or sponsoring (or know someone you would like to
hear) please let me know. 


A couple of things that we are looking into doing this year are partnering
with other organizations in scheduling "big" speakers as well as doing a
round table discussion. Maybe something like pitting dev vs. security or
management vs. operations so that we can learn from others who see things
differently than we do.


We are planning on having our meetings the second Tuesday of each month as
long as we can work out schedules with speakers. Of course we are going to
mess that up early since the second Tuesday of February is Valentine's Day
and our speaker is coming from out of town. We don't want to cause any
marital conflict. J


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions, comments, ideas or




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