[Owasp-cincinnati] OWASP September 27 meeting Update and call for funding/membership!!!

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Sat Aug 7 11:27:01 EDT 2010



I have updated the information about the talk on September 27 with the
abstract of the presentation.

I have included in the bottom of the email the details of the meetings,
please RSVP.



Right now our OWASP chapter is kept alive with the volunteering of the
people dedicating their time and the interest of the local members. We had
meetings almost monthly since we started the chapter activities in 2008 (see
archives http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Cincinnati). We had the opportunity
to  schedule talks with most  reputable companies and speakers in
Application security and this was basically free training for a lot of us
and gave us the opportunity to learn. But despite that, our budget
unfortunately is only 40$ that is not enough to support the chapter
activities, lunches and the minimum expenses at the pace we sustained in
this last three years.


Also I would like again to make a call for corporate sponsorship and
membership to support the foundation as well as our chapter. If you are
keenly interested to participate to OWASP mission you should consider to
become a member,  a membership costs only 50$/year.


 Why Become a Supporting Member? 

*	As a member of the internet community do you agree with the ethics
and principals of OWASP Foundation? 
*	Do you want to underscore your awareness of web application software
*	Do you want to continue to increase your knowledge and expand your
skills when attending OWASP conferences at a discount? 
*	Do you want to expand your personal network of contacts? OWASP
Linked'In Group <http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/36874>  
*	A portion of your membership fee directly supports the local chapter
of your choice. 

Organizations that wish to support OWASP local chapter with a 100% tax
deductible donation to enable OWASP Foundation to continue the mission.
There are also other way to support OWASP as company and single meeting
supporter. Why become a single meeting supporter?

*	Be recognized as a local supporter by posting your company logo on
the OWASP website (Image size for logos: gif, jpg or png with a size of
150px X 45px at 72dpi or 55px X 80px at 72dpi) 
*	Have a table at local chapter meeting to promote application
security products/services etc. 

I would like to open a forum and have the opportunity to discuss during this
month of August any ideas on how we could improve our funding, such as plan
for a security conference with other local security chapters such as ISSA
and ISACA, purchase Lulu books that we can sell with a margin for the local
chapter, organizing OWASP_Company sponsoring events etc.


Again I appreciate your attendance to the meetings and contributions,
looking forward to hear from you.




Marco Morana

OWASP chapter Lead Cincinnati


September Meeting

*	When: Monday September 27th 12.00 - 1.15 PM, Presentation starts at
12.15 PM 

If you plan to attend the meeting please RSVP by registering for the
September 27th date on http://owasp-cincinnati.eventbrite.com 

*	Presentation Title:Data Security challenges in the all too Public
and not so Private sectors 

The Internet threat landscape has shifted. What used to be a playground for
hackers, crackers, script kiddies and packet monkeys is now a borderless
abyss of organized crime fueled by financial gain and state sponsored forays
into our critical infrastructures. Cisco Systems' Patrick Gray, a
twenty-year veteran of the FBI, will explore the current threat landscape by
highlighting the newest cyber criminals and examining the latest tactics
employed by these predators. Gray will address how spammers, phishers,
botmasters and hackers interact with this new crime element utilizing Web
2.0 technologies and how we can prepare our infrastructures to stave off
these relentless attacks and protect our critical business assets. 

*	Speaker Bio <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/File:Patrick_Gray.pdf> :
Mr. Patrick Gray, Principal Security Strategist of Cisco Systems

*	Location / Venue Sponsor: Citibank <http://www.citibank.com/>  9997
Carver Road, Bldg. 1, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242-5537 

For help with directions contact Citi Blue Ash help desk at (513) 979-9000
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (513) 979-9000
end_of_the_skype_highlighting or check directions herein
4.388239&spn=0.007877,0.013218&z=16&iwloc=addr> . 

Please access the building from the visitor lobby. This OWASP meeting will
be held at the "Buckeyes" training room, first room on the right after the
Citi guards desk 

*	Agenda 

*	11:45-12.15 Registration 
*	12.15-1.15 Presentation 
*	1.15-1.30 Q&A Session 



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