[Owasp-cincinnati] Surviving and Succeeding in E-Discovery; Managing Electronic Information and Forensics as Evidence ISSA Chapter (RSVP by Thursday)

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Mon May 5 19:22:18 EDT 2008

OWASP Cincinnati members

The ISSA local chapter is taking RSVP for the coming meeting. RSVP closes
this Thursday. If interested this is the email forwarded from Karl Hart that
is in ISSA local board. Please contact Karl for further info.

Registration Link:

Here is more info on the presentation

Surviving and Succeeding in E-Discovery; Managing Electronic Information and
Forensics as Evidence

About this presentation:

Now  is  the  time  to  prepare  to  defend  the  integrity  of  your
security  practices,  and  learn  how  to  apply  your  security  skills  to
better  protect  the  legal  rights  of  your  organization.  This intensive
one day  program  delivers  answers  to  the  following  critical
questions  (before  you  are  asked  to  answer  them  under  oath!):

How will the adequacy of my information security controls be
challenged in the courtroom?

What can I expect hostile lawyers and investigators to ask
regarding our procedures to locate and preserve relevant electronic

How will our policies on securing unstructured data, remote
access, backup tape management and systems logs be exploited for unfair
advantages in litigation or enforcement actions?

What steps must we take to evaluate our current control
environment and institute improved processes to achieve a defensible
standard of care?

How do I use forensic techniques to demonstrate that some data
simply cannot be reasonably accessed and produced?

Jeffery Ritter, CEO Waters Edge
Across a career of academic research, diplomatic leadership, legal services
and standards development, Jeffrey has gained a coherent understanding of
the calculus of trust, taking account of the complex interactions between
systems, rules, economics and subjective human judgment. He has held
substantive roles with the UN Economic Commission for Europe and the
American Bar Association in advancing Internet law reform, and is actively
engaged in the work of the Information Systems Security Association and the
Internet Security Alliance.

Through Waters Edge Consulting, Jeffrey challenges how we think of, and
measure the performance of, governance, compliance and process management
within any enterprise, and how to re-think using information security
controls for broader business functions. As a speaker, workshop leader and
facilitator, he is consistently viewed as "outstanding", "worth the price of
the conference" and "provocative".

Date:                Thursday May 15 2008
Time:               8:00-5:00

Location:         Embassy Suites Blue Ash, 4554 Lake Forest Dr, Cincinnati,
OH 45242

Speaker:          Jeffery Ritter, CEO of Waters Edge, a globally recognized
leader in shaping the world of digital information

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