[Owasp-cincinnati] CSRF lesson in WebGoat

Scott Nusbaum scottnusbaum at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 21:52:44 EDT 2008


I helped a co-worker with this issue today. In the source code the programmer used a executeQuery command to insert the data into the database. The executeQuery raises an exception if the given             SQL statement produces anything other than a single             ResultSet object. Since the SQL statement is an Insert it won't return a result set and will fail displaying the error message you noted. If you change the executeQuery to executeUpdate the lesson will work properly.

I hope this helps.


"Zhou, Yan" <yzhou at medplus.com> wrote:              Hi there, 
  I have been trying the CSRF lesson in Web Goat, I kept seeing this error message: * Could not add message to database
  After debugging WebGoat, it does not seem like that is the problem. Even if I copy the message right there from “Hint”, I still do not get a checkmark. 
  Did I miss anything?
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