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I have also installed it on Mac OS X (10.4). Just throw tomcat on there 
and drop the webgoat war file in the appropriate directory and off you go. 
Be sure to check the tomcat docu for the default port number it listens 

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[Owasp-cincinnati] FW: OWASP Question

I have been asked if Webgoat can be installed on Linux. The answer is YES. 
See my email (*) response for Steve.

Also yesterday presentation is now on-line: 

The next presentation topic is also updated

To accommodate some requests the next February meeting has been move to 
6.45 PM

When: Febrary 26th, 2008, 6.45pm - 7:45pm Presentation start 7.00 pm 

Session Topic: OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities and Software Root Causes: 
Solving The Software Security Problem From an Information Security 

Who: Marco Morana (Citigroup, TISO, OWASP Chapter Leader, Security 

I encourage yesterday meeting attendees that did not subscribe the mailing 
list before to do so. 


The mailing list web page is: 

Sorry but I do not intend to use personal email for OWASP announcements 
except for exceptional cases (personal contacts) 


Thanks again for your participation and interest in OWASP







Webgoat can be installed on Linux (OpenSuse) AFAIK

The article herein included might help you on what you need to install it 
on Linux




Marco Morana

OWASP CincinnatiChapter Leader




p.s. we have another session on February 26th. If you are interested to 
participate please join the mailing list via the local page, thanks

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I work for Rich Knowles and he passed some info along to me for review.


In the process of reviewing things I decided to install WebGoat.  I have 
this strange feeling that it does not currently install or run on Linux.

Do you know if that is the case?


Everything on the OWASP site seems to only have .bat files in it and not 
shell files.


Any thoughts?






Stephen W. Bradley GCIH CISSP

Network Security Specialist


Information Security Office


bradlesw at muohio.edu


"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary 
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759


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