[Owasp-cincinnati] Comment on OWASP meeting dates

Marco M. Morana marco.morana at owasp.org
Thu Jan 31 19:40:18 EST 2008



I am glad you found the meeting interesting and that raised your interest in
OWASP. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Indeed growing our local security community is OWASP major intent at this
time and I appreciate your trying to help.

I could probably move the meeting to the last Wednesday of the month if does
not conflict with other members calendar.


Any objections from the mailing list?









From: Andy Erickson [mailto:aerickson at lucruminc.com] 
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Subject: Comment on OWASP meeting dates


Hi Marco,


I thought the first local OWASP meeting was top-notch.  Thank you for
organizing and doing a great job with it.  You and Blaine really know your


I have 10 years of development experience, and much of the content made
sense in the development context.  For me, the most valuable feature is
having all the information aggregated in one place.  My role isn’t
development at this point.  I work to build the IT community in Cincinnati,
and I’ll be working behind the scenes to drive traffic to OWASP.  Much of my
current role is to help local groups succeed.


I was reviewing the calendar and wanted to make a comment.  The last week of
the month is a GREAT week to hold OWASP as most other groups happen the
first three weeks of the month.  Yet, more often than not, the last Tuesday
of the month also coincides with the SQL Server Users Group.  I don’t know
if that will cause any issues for anyone other than me, but I wanted to let
you know.  Any other day that week seems to be available without group


Again, just a comment.  Please don’t feel the need to modify the schedule
for me.




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