[Owasp-Chinese-Project] 2014 Tax Return 税 务 服 务

Wenbo Shi wxs153 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 21:49:06 UTC 2015

Hello, If you need assistance on filing tax return for the year of 2014, only $10-$20 per form/schedule will be assessed for most of federal tax return forms. Free draft on state tax return and free instruction on how file state tax return. Also you get free e-file or free registered mail paper filing for federal tax return. Minimum fee for a case is $45. Some restrictions apply.  What are you waiting for? Contact Wenbo Tax Service at wxs153 at yahoo.com or wxs153 at gmail.com or give a call and leave message at (585) 248-2537. Looking forward to hearing from you if you need assistance on tax return. Wenbo Shi EA, RTRPWenbo Tax ServiceEnrolled Agent (EA, granted unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before IRS)IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP)Authrized IRS e-file ProviderIRS contracted ITIN Acceptance AgentPhone Number: (585)-248-2537 Leave messageEmail: wxs153 at yahoo.com OR wxs153 at gmail.com Disclaimer: The IRS does not endorse any particular individual tax return preparer. For more information on tax return preparers go to IRS.gov. 税 务 服 务 大家好, 我叫施文波。是美国注册税务师。能提供全方位高质量的税务服务给企业和个人。主要的服务包括: 自雇及合伙生意税务, 公司税务, 非居民税务服务, 国际学生报税, 远程报税服务, 海外资产申报, 海外企业申报, 补报税, 审阅调整往年已申报的税,解决税务疑难问题, 税务规划。 具体服务项目: 个人税务: 联邦及各州的个人报税服务、房地产报税、预交税、延期税表、 修正税表、补报税、代表客户与税局沟通、个人税务规划;公司税务: 联邦及各州的自雇公司、合伙公司、股份有限公司、责任有限公司、 责任有限合伙公司、非营利公司税务服务; 如您感兴趣,请联系 wxs153 at gmail.com or wxs153 at yahoo.com (585) 248-2537 请留言 谢谢。

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