[Owasp-chicago] Next meeting *April 17th*. Speakers needed!

Vitaly McLain vitaly.mclain at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 19:42:32 UTC 2013

OWASpers of Chicago --

I have been on the road and otherwise busy and have many other excuses, but
have scheduled a meeting for April 17th. I haven't even updated the wiki
yet or created the sign-up page, but will do so later today.

For now, I need speakers. I am looking for a good balance: some talks on
the side of managing appsec in a corporate environment (i.e something like
the code scanning/continuous integration talk from last time) and some
talks on the more hardcore technical side.

Anything you have in mind, please let me know, and stay tuned for this
space for more information. You can contact me at vitaly.mclain+OWASP [at]
gmail.com. Oh, and, ask your friends who may not be on this list.


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