[Owasp-chicago] ANNOUNCEMENT: January 10th meeting

Vitaly McLain vitaly.mclain at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 17:48:43 UTC 2012

I have been behind the ball on this, but trying to plan things in the
background. So, I would like to announced that, yes, there will a meeting
on January 10th!

I have been waiting to hear back on some talks, but at this point I would
like to ask if anyone has a *20 minute talk* they would like to give. I
think this is the format we will stick for this meeting. If you would like
to speak, please, let me know! (Try to include OWASP in the subject of the

Other than that, the exact time and RSVP link, as well as confirmed talks
(with Wiki updates and all) will occur in the next few days. Think about
your talks while you're doing whatever it is you're doing this weekend, and
let me know!

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