[Owasp-chicago] Next meeting: September 17th

Cory Scott cory at crazypenguin.com
Tue Aug 25 10:45:53 EDT 2009

Still finalizing the agenda, but wanted to give everyone a heads-up.

The next quarterly Chicago OWASP Chapter meeting will be September 17th at
the Bank of America Plaza, 540 W Madison Street at 6pm. Please RSVP to
jason at wittys.com by September 16th so we can enter your name into the
building's security system.


6:00 Refreshments and Welcome

6:15 AppSensor: Real Time Defenses against Application Worms and Malicious
Attackers - Michael Coates

7:15 TBD
 Presentation abstracts

*AppSensor: Real Time Defenses against Application Worms and Malicious


The OWASP AppSensor project was created to address the lack of defensive
systems within applications. Regardless if an application is secure or
insecure, malicious actions should be recorded, analyzed and responded to by
the system. It is unacceptable to allow an attacker unrestricted attack
attempts against the application. Eventually a known or unknown
vulnerability will be discovered by the attacker and exploited. AppSensor
monitors attack activity and takes defensive actions such as throttling or
disabling the malicious account. Behavior analysis techniques are also
employed to identify application worms. Defensive techniques are described
which provide real-time containment of the application worm while
maintaining overall system availability.


Michael Coates is a Senior Application Security Engineer for Aspect Security
and has performed numerous penetration assessments, security code reviews,
and security training sessions for leading corporations worldwide. Michael
is the creator and leader of the AppSensor project and is completing a
Masters Degree in Computer Security from DePaul University. In past years,
Michael assessed the security of GSM and WiMAX telecommunication networks,
application and network systems for financial institutions and performed
social engineering testing.
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