[Owasp-chicago] Chicagoland CISSP Study Group

Bil Corry bil at corry.biz
Thu Oct 9 15:08:28 EDT 2008

For anyone interested, I'm putting together a study group for the CISSP exam in the Chicagoland-area (Chicago, IL, USA).  We're going to use the "Official" book, which is the first one listed here titled "Official (ISC)²® Guide to the CISSP® CBK®":


The plan is to cover one domain of the CISSP CBK per week, for ten weeks (there are ten domains).  At the end of the ten weeks, we'll take the next available exam and prepare for it via an all-day review session the day before the exam.

Cost of the book is approx $80 with shipping, cost of the exam is $549, and the cost of the study group is free.  So total cost is about $629.

If I should get 15 or more people who want to take the test together, I'll inquire about the group program which provides a discount.

Note that there are strict restrictions on who is eligible for CISSP certification, so be sure you read and understand what is required:


And in case it isn't clear, this isn't an instructor-led study group; everyone (including myself) will be studying for the CISSP exam.  If you want an official review course, isc2.org offers many via their site.

If you're interested, email me privately.  Probably will start in a couple of weeks after everyone has had a chance to purchase the book.

- Bil

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