[Owasp-chicago] Looking for speakers for August OWASP Chicago meeting

Cory Scott cory at crazypenguin.com
Thu Jun 26 18:50:29 EDT 2008


If you were wondering about the OWASP Chicago chapter and when we  
were having our next meeting, here's the scoop.

Jason and I have been swamped with our respective projects, so we've  
been a bit lax in getting things moving. Our apologies.

We're planning a meeting in early August (not during Blackhat, of  

However, my speaker well has run a bit dry. Any suggestions for  
either topics or speakers would be much appreciated.

One thing to think about is that we are encouraged to reuse  
presentations from other OWASP chapters or events. So, look through  
some recent slides at http://www.owasp.org and if there's something  
you would like to cover, let me know.


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