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My wife (who is a university professor) and I teach on the side, my real job
is with Science Application International Corp or SAIC, (there I said it,
but I speak for me and not them).  To avoid plagiarism on papers we use
turnitin.com.  They do a good job of checking the papers and tracking the
submissions.  If we used that, it would be easy for us and create a good
level of diligence against plagiarism.


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Well put, Gary.   <thanks> 
On point #3 I too am for the idea of some kind of long essay, thesis,
research/white paper, etc. at an expert level of certification which is
reviewed by a 'board'. There should be some more objective points that must
be included in the work, but the way in which it's included and the
intellectual content of the work will have to be at least somewhat
subjectively scored. If by an odd-numbered panel, the majority can rule on
pass/fail. Perhaps failing work should be published just like passing work
so that potential candidates can see what kind of work will not pass. The
one problem I saw with the SANS paper requirement was that it had/has a
multi-month timeframe--it would be difficult to prove beyond a doubt that
the exam candidate did the work alone, without others' help. Subtle
plagiarism may also be difficult to ascertain. 
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