[Owasp-cert] Marketing Question Two point five

Gary Palmer owasp at getmymail.org
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That is a good idea, but I thought some of the "exam bodies" demanded
exclusive or at least a minimum of test takers, otherwise economies of scale
don't work.

Maybe something like my church?  We have "pledge" amounts recommended and a
process to privately talk to the minister if an individual feels they are
unable to meet the minimum.  The minimum is pretty low, so very few apply,
but there is the option.  Maybe plead a case to the "board"?  Personally,
while I offer the idea I do not think it would be a good thing and there is
way too much work to review the requests, which I think will be voluminous.


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LPI has had a split model where they've been offering the cert through
prometric, but also do cheaper proctored pen-and-paper sittings of the test
through local Linux user groups.  That might be something to think about.


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