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Matthew Chalmers matthew.chalmers at owasp.org
Wed Jul 30 15:15:03 EDT 2008

I just don't know about any non-fixed price methodology. We could end up
penalising underprivileged candidates in successful economies, or giving
undue advantage to privileged candidates in unsuccessful economies. And if
we ask for some proof of the need for financial assistance, we ask people to
compromise their own privacy and perhaps dignity. I can't even see us having
a pricing model based on individual vs. corporate payment, because if it's
less expensive to pay as an individual, that's what everyone will do, then
turn around and get reimbursement from their company, to save their company
money. If we tier pricing by company income, everyone will say they're
self-employed and make peanuts, then the unscrupulous will still get
reimbursement from their company.

I believe instead of us trying to solve this 'problem' up front, we should
instead let potential candidates come to us with their circumstances
case-by-case and present their own potential solutions. For example, instead
of us going to the VA to get approved for GI Bill coverage--a worthy thing
to do--perhaps we should wait until a GI Bill recipient, or the VA, comes to
us and asks if we can go through this process. That way we don't have to
seek out all such programmes, or be accused of playing favourites with them.

Another argument is, we can't sign up OWASP to lose money. The exam will end
up costing OWASP a certain amount to administer per individual and
circumstances. Perhaps it will cost $100 for any given person to write it in
the U.S.; perhaps it will cost $80 (equivalent) for any given person to
write it in China. I just can't see us charging these two example candidates
less than $100 and $80 respectively, no matter their circumstances. And if
we charge more, we cease to be a 501(c)(3) organisation, don't we?

Is anyone aware of any current certification that is actually doing
something other than fixed pricing? How is it handled?


On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 9:44 PM, Gary Palmer <owasp at getmymail.org> wrote:

>  Ask the question another way, should the price be set relative to a
> countries economy such that people who pay for the exam are inclined to
> study and work for it?  The converse is the exam is so cheap just pay for
> several and keep taking it until familiarity or repeat questions lead to
> success...
> And that leads to "If I fail the exam, how quickly can I take it again and
> should there be a discount?"  I vote for a couple or few months and no
> discount.
> Cheers,
> Gary
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> Should the price of certification exams be fixed regardless of country or
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