[Owasp-cert] University Credit

Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Tue Jul 29 21:07:14 EDT 2008

james at architectbook.com wrote:
> I know I am ambitious and probably premature, but does anyone here have
> any thoughts on what it would take for a university to provide credits
> for passing?

This would be something that has to be handled on a
university-by-university basis.  It's also probably the wrong "angle of
approach" - at least up here in Canada, universities tend to offer
classes which overlap the areas a cert covers such that the students may
go on to take the cert later, outside of the uni program, rather than
granting credit for a certification.  For example, I took U of Toronto's
"Intro to Computer Security" class after writing the CISSP, but I would
have felt quite prepared to write the CISSP after taking that class and
without much else preparation.

I don't know of any programs at any university in Canada which grant
regular program credit for having a test-based IT cert.


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