[Owasp-cert] Please declare your subject areas

Matthew Chalmers matthew.chalmers at owasp.org
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SSO? FIM? It's listed as an architect/journeyman/intermediate domain...I'm
not sure now if 'developer' is being equated with 'entry level' because even
if these domains are more intermediate/advanced, people still do
'development' of/on them...


On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 12:49 PM, Biciunas, Paul <Paul.Biciunas at fmr.com>wrote:

>  I'll sign up for being a primary for IdM, but I'm curious what exactly
> that means in terms of application development.
> -Paul
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>  If you haven't already visited:
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Certification_RequirementsPlease do so now and declare the subject area or two in which you would like
> to be primary. I would like to update this page by the end of the day!
> Likewise, if you would like to be a reviewer, please choose two or three
> categories in which you would like to be a reviewer. We will choose two
> reviewers for each subject area. Likewise, it is important that we have a
> mix where a reviewer isn't just looking at the work of one single subject
> area owner. The opposite is also true that if a subject area owner chooses
> three subject areas, they should at least receive feedback from ten or so
> discrete reviewers.
> I would love my reviewers to be from outside the US and not current OWASP
> members since my stuff is more generic in nature and we want to save OWASP
> knowledge for OWASP specifics. Likewise, I would love for J. Quendo to be
> one of my reviewers as I know he is tough :-)
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