[Owasp-cert] Please declare your subject areas

Biciunas, Paul Paul.Biciunas at FMR.COM
Tue Jul 29 13:46:29 EDT 2008

I'll be a reviewer for Basic Security Principal, Network Security.
Cryptography, and Threats and Vulnerabilities. Pick whichever 2 that
you'd like me to participate in. I'm flexible.

Paul Biciunas, CISM, CISSP
Fidelity Investments
Information Security & Risk
+1 617 392-9908 



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	If you haven't already visited:
Please do so now and declare the subject area or two in which you would
like to be primary. I would like to update this page by the end of the
	Likewise, if you would like to be a reviewer, please choose two
or three categories in which you would like to be a reviewer. We will
choose two reviewers for each subject area. Likewise, it is important
that we have a mix where a reviewer isn't just looking at the work of
one single subject area owner. The opposite is also true that if a
subject area owner chooses three subject areas, they should at least
receive feedback from ten or so discrete reviewers.
	I would love my reviewers to be from outside the US and not
current OWASP members since my stuff is more generic in nature and we
want to save OWASP knowledge for OWASP specifics. Likewise, I would love
for J. Quendo to be one of my reviewers as I know he is tough :-)

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