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Christian Wenz chw at hauser-wenz.de
Mon Jul 28 15:50:57 EDT 2008


I would not settle on an XML schema yet since we do not know who will deliver the exam. I know that Pearson VUE (sorry for mentioning this company again, I understand that this group somehow only endorses Prometric) required some special information for each question, including whether it was easy, intermediate or hard [another reason that a group needs to oversee all or most of the questions, so that these levels are consistent]. IMO we really need to first determine how to deliver the exam, then get the technical requirements from the institution that will deliver it, and then define the data format.





I haven't yet figured out how other exams actually capture their questions, so I decided that the best way to accomplish this wasn't to come up with a spreadsheet, Word document but instead for us to provide submissions via XML. Attached is a very basic schema.

Of course, if one of the subject areas is XML, I didn't put in all the right validation. Anyway, take a quick peek and figure out what else we will need for a "basic" level of certification.

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