[Owasp-cert] Introducing myself

Andreas L. Opdahl Andreas.Opdahl at uib.no
Mon Jul 28 12:20:18 EDT 2008

Hi all -

I just joined this weekend and am still catching up with this 
interesting initiative!

I'm a professor at the University of Bergen, Norway, interested in IS 
development, security requirements and enterprise information 
architecture (including SOA of course :-)).

Among other things I've been involved in developing the misuse-case 
modelling technique (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misuse_case).

Andreas L. Opdahl
University of Bergen
www.is.uib.no, www.uib.no/People/sinoa

james at architectbook.com wrote:
> I was checking out the number of subscribers to this list and realize 
> that the ratio of those who have introduced themselves relative to 
> those subscribed is in need of improvement. If you haven't introduced 
> yourself, please do so now..
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