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Interestingly enough, I am preparing for the CBEST which is the first step
in obtaining a teaching credential.  The CBEST is a 3 part exam, the first
deals with reading and comprehension, the second is math and the third is an
essay.  The R&C is split between knowing what you read, understanding what
you read, and then critical analysis/research analysis/authors
perspective/main point/feelings/etc.  The math seems to be fairly straight
forward.  The essay is 2 compositions, the first is analyze a given
situation and the other is to write about a personal experience.
The grading is scaled and the combined score must be passing.  There is a
minimum for each section to pass, but just missing in one and exceeding in
another to have a combined passing score will work too.
More at: http://www.cbest.nesinc.com/CA14_overview.asp
Maybe we should consider this type of approach, the essay would certainly
challenge the person and provide a record versus a personal meeting that may
be biased by personalities.  The different sections could measure depth and
understanding of knowledge for multiple degrees of certification.  Also the
CBEST allows repeats where you can focus on one section or repeat all, in
order to improve your scores.  An interesting approach and unique when I
compare to the assorted other certification exams I have taken.
Gary Palmer


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No offense to James but again I agree with David. I think pure
multiple-guess should be avoided--not to mention a pure multiple-guess
product that's been rushed because of concerns with time to market or
delivering 'something ok' sooner rather than 'something good' later.

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 7:40 PM, David H. <dmalloc at users.sourceforge.net>

> If we stick to simple multiple choice for the first exam, it means that we
> have delivered something of value and can in the meantime buy us more time
> to work on more complex scenarios.

That is exactly what I try to dispute. I do not see any value in
Multiple Choice Questionaires not even when you are purely testing for
relearned value. That stems from a long history with Multiple Choice
Tests and the desire to create meaningful exams for a new paradigm of

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