[Owasp-cert] Introduction

Gary Palmer owasp at getmymail.org
Fri Jul 25 00:42:49 EDT 2008

I already posted a bit, but seeing the other introductions, I will follow

My undergraduate is Computer Science system software; I designed operating
systems and programming languages.  I am older so yes, I did that in the
mainframe days and contributed code to GECOS, CP-6, and MULTICS.  My
graduate degree is psychology focused on human factors and man-machine
interface.  My thesis was computer phobia.  I have been involved in some
form of computer security for about 15 years now.

Specific experiences include web application design, pen-testing, code
review, hacking, web site development, web application fingerprinting,
intrusion detection, and am now working a program as a chief information
systems security engineer.  I have also been an on and off instructor at
several of the colleges and universities in the LA area mostly on topics
related to internet, web, and information security.  I hold a CISSP, the
SANS GSEC and GSNA, and the Homeland CHS-I.

I will assist as I can for this activity, that's the short version, have a
great day everyone.

Gary Palmer

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