[Owasp-cert] Hello All

Josh Brown-White joshbw at analyticalengine.net
Thu Jul 24 11:32:36 EDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
I work in the Application Security group of a Fortune 500 company, where I do everything from setting standards and best practices, to architecting a Secure Development Lifecycle for the enterprise (I was previously of Microsoft as a security SDE/T, so have had a love of SDL branded into my grey matter), to pen testing both web and client side applications.  Having just recently taken my CISSP exam (and thankfully passed) I now have some strong opinions on what makes good and bad question and answer sets, so I look forward to voicing an opinion with regards to the owasp cert.  It would be nice to have a web app sec cert that successfully attests to the knowledge of the person who holds it.
Anyway, I appreciate that the cert creation is open to discussion,
Thank  You,
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