[Owasp-cert] Marketing Idea: OWASP Certification

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And interesting to note is that SANS went from online software (I think it
was their own) to using prometric?


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Curious to understand the rationale for developing your own test engine. In
my own very limited search, I know I didn't run across any that were open
source worthy of usage. Likewise, I did also note that many of the engines
out there don't cost a lot. Would it be that evil of the BSD certification
exam were to use commercial software?

If there are test centers out there that would derive revenue from it,
shouldn't this be about the centers themselves procuring their own copy? Is
the idea of having an open source test engine something that could be of
interest to the venture capital community? The business model would be
around displacement of Prometric such that they could dominate everything on
the lower end?

I guess both BSD and OWASP would benefit from speed to market and it would
be better to not reinvent the wheel in this regard? 

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