[Owasp-cert] Principles and Perspectives

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For the NDA, consider an Ethics agreement like what ISC2 does for CISSP.
Ethical conduct and trust in those ethics are a necessity anyway and should
be part of the cert regardless of NDA.  I think your idea brings a good
point, 1) maintaining some privacy within this forum as test questions
develop/evlove or else having a private test question management channel,
and 2) maintaining privacy of test content to be respected by those taking
the test (no matter pass or fail).
I agree with the other 2 points.


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1. 50 people writing one question each will yield a better question pool
than one person writing 50 questions. So, how do we get more contributors?

2. I really, really, really, really hate the notion of NDAs but does it make
sense to not have one for this type of process? The importance of not
sharing information on exam content is vital to the success of the OWASP
certification but NDAs are at odds with openness. Any suggestions?

3. Diversity is really important to me and I would like to make sure that we
have at least one person from each of these geographic areas:
   - Africa and Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, East Asia (Chian,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc), Japan, South America (Brazil, Colombia, Peru,
Venezuela, etc), Australia and New Zealand and Southeast Asia (Indonesia,
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam). OWASP is an
international organization and have worldwide participation can only serve
to benefit.

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