[Owasp-cert] Marketing Idea:OWASP Certification

dlavigne6 at sympatico.ca dlavigne6 at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 22 07:54:05 EDT 2008

>Yes, we are aware of the obscene Prometric barely negotiable charges. I 
>think I see several opportunities. First, it would be in the best interest 
>of OWASP to help ensure that the delivery mechanism from a software 
>perspective is as secure as possible. Second, if we adopt this platform it 
>provides an endorsement to the work that has been done by BSD. So, how 
>should OWASP and BSD take a step down the aisle?

So far, we have a code repository and bug tracking system in place as well 
as a working front-end. We haven't publicly announced these yet as we lacked 
someone with the skills and time to create the software requirements 
document for the back-end. We did have lots of volunteers willing to work on 
the back-end, but discussion got mired in what language to use, etc. In 
other words, we could really use a "product manager" to rein this in and 
move this forward. So, pointers to someone or a group of someones with these 
skills and time to contribute would be most appreciated. If you have any 
ideas, ping me offlist and we can arrange for a skype or IRC session to 

Once we're back on track, the plan is to release under a BSD license and 
announce. We want this code, as well as customized solutions, to be 
available to other certification bodies for their use. The BSD license will 
also allow commercial solutions to provide a more economic alternative for 
testing organizations with a small market.



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