[Owasp-cert] Introduction

Tim Stevens tim.stevens at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 09:08:06 EDT 2008

Hello, just subscribed after seeing a note regarding this discussion
from James McGovern. Hoping I can assist in some way.

I'm an Enterprise Architect at TopCoder, providing architecture for
software systems of all sorts. My current focus is web services and
.Net (WCF), but I've also recently worked quite extensively in Java,
XML, XSLT, and a variety of other disparate technologies. I'm also a
freelance writer, so my experience there may be helpful.

Anyhow, I'll go into lurk mode for a bit, but will be looking to see
where I can contribute. Please feel free to point me to some specific
outstanding tasks if there's somewhere I'd be of use.



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