[Owasp-cape-town] Petition against: Films and Publications Amendment Bill

Christo christo.goosen at owasp.org
Fri Sep 23 07:43:46 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone

Please take some time and sign the petition to oppose the Films and
Publications Amendment Bill. As stated by the DA's petition


>         The Films and Publications Amendment Bill, in its current
>         form, is an attempt by government to censor the internet.
>         The Bill, also known as the Internet Censorship Bill, is an
>         attempt to force all social media users to register with the
>         Film and Publications Board (FPB) before uploading videos to
>         social media sites.
>         If the Bill is passed, it will be an unjustifiable
>         infringement on the constitutional right to privacy, placing
>         all viewers of X18-rated content on a list which government
>         will have unrestricted access to.
>         And it will give government the power to pre-classify online
>         content before you share it with your friends and family.
>         This attempt to censor South Africans' use of the Internet
>         threatens our democracy by limiting freedom of speech.

Please sign the petition and share:

Christo Goosen


Christo Goosen
OWASP Cape Town Chapter Leader
OWASP Foundation

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