[Owasp-cape-town] Yet Another Censor Ship Bill (Got Until Thursday to Comment)

Timo timogoosen at runbox.com
Sun May 22 15:28:29 UTC 2016

Our government is trying to sneak in another censorship bill. I didn't
read anything
about it online until I picked up the Friday Cape Argus. On the front
page there was a story on the bill.
" The bill requires anyone who creates, produces, publishes or
advertises any publication that contains sexual conduct, violates or
shows disrespect for the right to human dignity of any person, degrades
a person, or constitutes incitement to cause harm, to submit it for
examination and classification by the board."


“The (FPB) Act was passed in 1996 when there wasn’t much internet and
electronic communication. We now operate in a completely different
landscape and the bill is the FPB’s attempt to modernise the way they
operate for online world.”

It allows the board to classify and regulate the distribution of online
content to ensure cyber safety for children and that children are
protected from disturbing and harmful content on social media and mobile

You can read about the bill here:

What are your thoughts about this bill? Are you guys planning on commenting?
I think we should be scared about any bill that is pushed to be put into
action so quickly.
I also think we should think of the consequences of such a bill. Imagine
if I wanted to release a video
of the Marikana massacre then I would have to submit it to some board
for review. This reminds me
a great deal of the apartheid government when pornography was censored
etc and when
the government could very conveniently decide to ban books that they
thought weren't appropriate
for mass consumption.

I challenge you all to read over this bill and to make the phone ring or
send as many emails as possible with comments.


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